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We started Deuth Property Management 7 years ago to help people wade through the ever changing rental world. We started with a few duplexes and now through referrals by our customers we have grown to managing single family homes and apartment buildings around the metro area.

We take pride in helping our clients make the most out of their rental investment in this challenging market. Whether it is finding renters or managing a property our goal is to do it in a thoughtful, expediant, and fiscally responsible way.

Deuth Property Management has designed multiple systems to keep our customers as informed as possible about what is happening with their rental property including rent roll updates and weekly emails.

We hope that our company can be of service and look forward to hearing from you.



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"We live outside of Minnesota. Working with Deuth Property Management to oversee our rental in the South Metro gives us the peace of mind that our house is being carefully managed. They are easy to work with and understand my needs as a property owner."
Phil Smith

"I have really appreciated Deuth Property Managements hard work and knowledge in helping me rent and maintain my property. They rented my property quickly and have done a great job collecting rents. I would recommend them to anyone looking for property management."
Paul Damlo

"I moved out of state two years ago and ran into an unforgiving housing market when I tried to sell my condo. Deuth Property Management made renting my place easy and affordable. He also takes care of my tenant's needs so I don't have to worry."

"Deuth Property Management has been a great asset to my rental property business. After having had and personally managed rental property for nearly 20 years, we were having trouble keeping up with the scale of our business while continuing to focus on the big picture of growth and profitability. Craig's team came in and quickly took over the day to day operations which allowed us to drive up rental occupancy, get improvement projects completed and identify areas of cost reduction. Craig's team is experienced, diligent and operates with integrity."
Greg Dennis

"'I've received many compliments from my tenants about how responsive they are to their requests. DPM also took the lead in a major renovation which was successfully completed. They've been a key asset in my real estate investment."
Patrick Tatarek

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