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We are dedicated to giving our clients and renters the best service possible. Please contact our team for any help we can provide with one of our available properties or if you would like us to help manage your property. If you are interested in selling your property, we can help as well, visit us at Land and Living Realty. We look forward to working with you.

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Featured Rentals

1097 Suburban, St. Paul, MN

1375 Thomas Ave #2, St. Paul, MN

685 York, St. Paul, MN 

579 Front Ave #2, St. Paul, MN 

1142 Farrington St #3, St. Paul, MN 

997 Marion St , St. Paul, MN

809 Wagon Wheel Trail, Mendota Heights, MN 

1345 Cherokee Ave , West St. Paul, MN

277 Western Ave S #1 , St. Paul, MN

1644 Englewood Ave #1, St. Paul, MN

14848 Kral Rd, Minnetonka, MN 

1477 Blair Ave, St. Paul, MN

8923 Ironwood Ave S, Cottage Grove, MN

1665 Dayton Ave #1, St. Paul, MN 

1230 W 7th St, St. Paul, MN 

1111 Elway St Apt 603, St. Paul, MN

250 Arion St E, West St. Paul, MN 

863 Ocean St #1, St. Paul, MN 

937 Thomas Ave, St. Paul, MN 

75 Isabel Ave, St. Paul, MN

435 Van Buren Ave, St. Paul, MN

40 Annapolis St W #5, St. Paul, MN 

56 George St E #2, St. Paul, MN

17419 Glacier Way, Lakeville, MN - RENTED

576 Bay St, St. Paul, MN

84 Robie St W, St. Paul, MN

468 Bellows St St. Paul, MN

910 Central Ave N #2 - Faribault, MN

2200 Scheffer Ave, St. Paul, MN

659 Manomin Ave - St. Paul, MN

771 Thomas Ave - St. Paul, MN

1177 Hague Ave, St. Paul, MN

13420 Cormack Circle, Rosemount, MN

493 Dayton Ave #2, St. Paul, MN

1029 Virginia St #2 - St. Paul, MN

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